About Us

At the earliest, there were two girls. They like to hang out in roadside stalls, department stores, fashionable shops, find interesting jewelry, and comment on them. They can't afford high-end jewelry, but the high price hasn't stopped them from admiring and loving jewelry.

Later, they met a design professional boy when they were in college. They often talked about their views on a jewelry store, such as: If I design this jewelry, how would I design it?

By chance, a few years later, the girls knew the secrets of the production of expensive jewelry, which made them very excited. Why can't we make our favorite jewelry and sell it to others at an affordable price? This idea inspired the enthusiasm of the girls, and they immediately shared the idea with the boy. Sure enough, it also aroused the boy's eager curiosity. The boy's mother happened to be a cosmetics salesperson. She volunteered to serve as a jewelry sales consultant to provide sales and supply chain assistance to the three-person team.

Now their results have finally appeared! In any case, these products are their inner expression, and they are eager to hear your feedback. Perhaps criticism can be frustrating, but they are determined to face all the turbulence bravely!

                                                                               ---by the boy's mother