Mother-of-pearl in the jewelry


Mother-of-pearl is said to provide security and well-being to those who wear it.

Beautiful mother-of-pearl is the mother of pearls. When it is invaded by foreign bodies in the ocean, it will secrete nacre, and its interior will be moistened by the pearl to make it shine. In addition to having brilliant colors, mother-of-pearl also has unique growth patterns and texture effects and touch on the surface flash.

white mother-of0pearl shell

White mother-of-pearl shell

The polished mother-of-pearl will have pearl luster and cloud effect, so mother-of-pearl is often used in watch dial by some luxury brands.

watch dial with mother-of-pearl

     Jaeger-Lecoultre watch

In addition to the use on the watch dial, the mother-of-pearl that has been moisturized is often made into other fine jewelry. Its figure can be seen in many very famous jewelry brands. 

LV ring inlaid mother-of-pearl

Louis Vuitton Ring

LacePartyGo uses white mother-of-pearl from Australia in the Muses Hoop and Arabesque Stud earring products. The color is uniform and meticulous, the shape is uniform and flat, the gloss is delicate and changeable, and there are no defects.

Cleaning and storage

Please gently wipe the jewelry with a soft cloth and store it separately from other jewelry to avoid small scratches on the surface of the mother-of-pearl. Because white mother-of-pearl is a natural soft substance and belongs to organic gemstones, its main component is calcium carbonate, and its hardness is not high enough. In daily wear, if it comes into contact with other hard objects, it will also cause the surface of the mother-of-pearl to wear, affecting the smoothness and texture of the mother-of-pearl.

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