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Symmetry is generally considered stable and coordinated, likes this:

church image

But for some, symmetry stability means predictable and boring. So asymmetric designs are often more interesting and dynamic. For example, nature is naturally asymmetrical. In nature, we can see asymmetries almost anywhere, such as the shape of clouds, rolling hills, or branches of trees.

rolling hill

Asymmetries can: 

Make the appearance stand out and draw attention:

Have you noticed the cabin surrounded by trees on the hill? When photographers master asymmetry, they create more memorable images.

Convery dynamism:

In the above asymmetric image, the viewer's eyes move around and through the hills. The asymmetric design evokes a dynamic feeling.

In design, asymmetry if often used to create visual tension. At the same time, asymmetry can be a difficult concept to master, since the relationships between elements in an asymmetrical design become more complex, it might be hard to create a whole, cohesive design. But designers who master asymmetry have greater freedom of expression.

Turner's work

 Turner's picture is a wonderful example of the asymmetrical balance

LacePartyGo also applies the asymmetrical principle in the painting to jewelry design. When people have many different options to choose, a pair of asymmetrical earrings will stand out among others. By adjusting the way you wear, you can lead the viewer's sight to focus on different areas. Please find our Asymmetrical Serial to find the beautify of asymmetry.

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